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London Life Coach: Money, Happiness And Goals


London Life Coach: Money, Happiness And Goals
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Hello, my name is Natalie Dee, I’m a personal life coach, in this video clip we will look at the relationship between Money, Happiness and Goals.

Many people believe: when I’ll be wealthy, I’ll be happy. Having more financial freedom may give us more choices and yet more choices doesn’t necessarily make us happy. So what does contribute to our happiness?

Happiness is about being fulfilled, about feeling good inside. With money we buy what we want and yet if you weren’t happy before you went shopping you’re most likely to go back to not being happy after the shopping!

What tends to give people a sense of fulfilment is having a goal, a purpose, something to wake up for and strive towards. When working on our goals, we feel purposeful, useful and valued. This is more likely to make us feel good, to feel happy.

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