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Relationships, Dating, and God’s Match For You


Relationships, Dating, and God’s Match For You
Tons of us go about our merry way, uneducated on how God sees dating. A little demonstration for you to remind you that God takes dating pretty seriously and wants you to have a husband/wife that loves Him! Don’t just fall for any ole person. Fall for God and He’ll give you a man/woman worth “falling for”!

If you don’t know Him, I want you to know Him (Him being Jesus Christ) so just say these words and mean it in your heart.
“God I come to you in the name of Jesus your Son. I realize I need you. I have walked away from you and along unholy paths but I want to live for you now/again. I am so sorry for my sin. Please forgive me, wash me, cleanse me, and make me your child. Your Son Jesus came, died, and rose again to save my soul and I’m asking you to save me in His precious name, amen.”
and He will change everything today!

If you don’t have a Bible, contact info is below! We want you to have the word of God in your life because it is the most powerful resource on the face of the earth!
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