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How Do You Cleanse Your Body In Three Days?


How Do You Cleanse Your Body In Three Days?
We have a three-day diet regime for you to detox your body and feel energetic. First prepare your body to bare the shock of detoxication by following a vegan diet and then follow the three-day vegetable/fruit juice or vegetable soup diet to detox your body. Watch the video to find out the schedule you need to follow.


To ensure that your body doesn’t get an extreme shock from not
consuming your daily meals, the best way is to indulge in a vegan diet
for three days before you start your cleanse. Eat only fruits and
vegetables, drink vegetable soup and consume brown rice. Don’t over
eat. Skip your morning coffee and drink up some green tea instead.
Also make sure that you get 8 hours of sleep the night before you
start your cleanse so that you don’t feel tired.

Now, the following are the steps to detox your body, which is to be
followed for three days.

Day 1:

Start your day early, say at 7am.

Plug in your headphones and head to the nearest park and start brisk
walking or jogging. If you have a friend who wants to stay fit like
you do, walk or jog together. Later drink some fresh juice which is a
mixture of green veggies. Also drink apple and lemon juice later. This
gives you tons of energy and in return you don’t miss your usual cup
of coffee. Later at 3pm, when your energy levels start crashing a bit
and you star feeling like consuming protein, drink a juice which is a
mix of figs, vanilla bean and almonds. This not only fills you up but
also makes you energetic enough to sustain till the night. Two hours
before sleeping drink your favourite non fat fruit juice or vegetable
soup. Later, you will drift off to a good sleep.

Day 2:

You will wake up quickly on your on, refreshed and rejuvenated. Drink
up two juices after brisk walking or jogging instead of your
breakfast. You will figure out when you should drink the juices, which
would probably be after every two hours, in order to drink the last
juice two hours before you sleep at the night. In the afternoon you
might crave for some solid food, just block the thoughts of meat or
pizzas and quickly drink up your veggie juice. Later by 5pm you would
want to treat yourself to some good food again, but just stick to your
veggie or fruit juices because after all you shouldn’t be giving up
since you have come so far.

Day 3:

When you wake up early, you will notice that you skin is glowing, eyes
are sparkling and you feel light and cleansed. Drink up your green
juices after an hour of brisk walking or jogging and taking a bath.
Follow the same routine of drinking a glass of juice at 3pm, which
could be a mix of fruit juices or vegetable juice. Carry on with your
daily activities and drink your vegetable soup or juice or a fruit
juice two hours before sleeping. You will notice that you have been
energetic throughout the day and you will not have any sweet or salt
cravings. By now your body has learned how to regulate your energy
levels. And you might just want to head to the juice bar near your
house just to drink some veggie juice, because you would be feeling so

Post cleanse you would want to stick to your vegan diet of fruits,
vegetables and brown rice and pamper yourself with some white meat in
one of the meals. Just make sure you eat healthy and stay fit.